Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not So Nautical

The trend right now for spring and summer is everything nautical. From navy colors to stripes, I'm seeing tons of nautical-inspired fashions everywhere. Last week, I bought two skirts from The Limited which currently has a huge selection of blouses, skirts and dresses that flow well with the nautical trend. My outfit below started out nautical with my skirt but then I paired it with my cognac colored Via Spiga sandals and cognac belt and then it veered off into a completely different direction. Add in my mustard Brahmin bag and I'm everything but a nautical inspiration.  Oops!  Guess I'll just have to give the nautical look another try, another day.  But for now...I got a TON of compliments on my outfit and especially on my gladiator I guess it was a hit after all!

Beauty4Ashes Leah Frazier Dallas Nautical Fashion The Limited Gladiator Sandals Via Spiga
My nautical meets gladiator look: Flower Necklace by Stella & Dot, striped tank from Nordstrom Rack, striped skirt from The Limited, belt from Nordstrom, gladiator sandals by Via Spiga, mustard shoulder bag by Brahmin

Beauty4Ashes Leah Frazier Dallas Nautical Fashion The Limited Gladiator Sandals Via Spiga

Friday, April 25, 2014

Casual Chats with Fashion Phenom Cynthia Rowley

Belk had its Girls Night Out at its new Galleria Dallas location on April 17, 2014 and fashion designer Cynthia Rowley was there for a personal appearance and fashion show.  Belk and Lucky Magazine did an incredible job with cocktails flowing all night, appetizers being passed around and an endless amount of dessert trays...OMG! Add the fact that there was a nail bar for guests to get their nails done AND swag bags...and I was completely sold.

Belk Girls Night Out Galleria Dallas Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show
Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show at Belk Galleria Dallas 4/17/2014 / Photo Credit: Leah Frazier
I was so pumped that I was granted the opportunity to interview Cynthia Rowley.  As always before an interview, I was completely nervous like...will she be personable? Will she get "me"? I've done a million interviews but every time I get the jitters.  So I walk in and Cynthia was so nice and so down to earth!  Like literally, she was probably one of my more favorite interviews. (Read the full interview here on DFW Style Daily.)

Belk Girls Night Out Galleria Dallas Cynthia Rowley Leah Frazier
Me Interviewing Cynthia Rowley / Photo Credit: Shana Anderson Photography
If you don't know about Cynthia, you should.  Her work has literally been in Vogue, Glamour and all of the major fashion publications.  But if you met her, you wouldn't even be intimidated by that.  She just wanted to chit chat with me and talk about how great the food in Dallas is.  (Yeah, that's my girl foodie!)

Belk Girls Night Out Galleria Dallas Cynthia Rowley Leah Frazier
Cynthia Rowley (left) and Me / Photo Credit: Shana Anderson Photography
Anyways, I always feel as though God can use people to speak to you, and there was a moment when Cynthia turned to me during the interview...looked me dead in the eye and told me to not put any limits on myself.  If I dream of something and want to do it, then just do it! It was really weird but exciting at the same time. God can work in mysterious ways and can speak through people...but your heart has to be open and your ears ready to receive it.

Belk Girls Night Out Galleria Dallas Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show
Cynthia Rowley collection available at Belk / Photo Credit: Leah Frazier

Belk Girls Night Out Galleria Dallas Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show
Cynthia Rowley collection available at Belk / Photo Credit: Leah Frazier
I'm excited for this journey in my life right now.  From Sarah Jessica Parker speaking positive affirmations to Cynthia Rowley...maybe I'm onto something here in my fashion career.  Who knows? All I know is that I'm happy in this moment...I'm meeting some incredible people and I'm ready to take charge of my life.  What about you???

Stay plugged to my blog because in the next couple of weeks, I'm getting to interview (are you ready for this?) THE Steve Madden AND I'll be having breakfast with THE Sam Edelman!!!! FUNNERS!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nicole Richie Talks Fanny Packs, Gardening in Chanel and Women Empowerment at Lucky FABB

Fashionista and devoted mommy, Nicole Richie, graced us with her presence at the Lucky Magazine Lucky FABB Conference in Beverly Hills on April 5, 2014 and openly discussed her life, her thoughts and overall views on fashion. I walked into the conference already as a Nicole Richie fan and left with more respect and admiration for her because of her transparency to a group of 200+ bloggers that she didn't know.

Lucky Fabb West 2014 Nicole Richie

Nicole gracefully walked onto the Lucky FABB stage, with purple hair I might add...donning a floral print blazer, J Brand black jeans and a huge smile. The purple hair she explains right up front, was all because of her in that moment, you couldn't help but to fall in love with the ex "Simple Life" co-star.  After my verbal disgrace for this "floral print" trend that has vomited in all of the major department stores (see pic below), I think that Nicole rocked it perfectly and has made a "partial" believer out of me.

Neiman Marcus Spring Summer 2014 Floral Trend
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Neiman Marcus Spring Trends Luncheon / According to Neiman's, floral is in for Spring/Summer 2014. This is just not doing it for me.

Lucky Fabb West 2014 Nicole Richie Eva Chen Interview
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Eva Chen, editor in chief for Lucky Magazine casually interviews Nicole Richie at the Lucky FABB conference. Nicole rocks the floral print blazer perfectly!
Anyways, after Nicole told us the story of how she took one of her first fashion risks by trying to shape her eyebrows...with a razor nonetheless...and with NO mirror, I was all in!  She ended up shaving off half her eyebrow by the way...but owned it!  You read it here first.

So if you're a Nicole Richie fan...or maybe's some fun tidbits I learned about Nicole while at Lucky FABB! I present to you, Nicole Richie unplugged and totally random...but that's why we love her right?
  1. Nicole is HUGE on gardening. Her garden has: apple trees, kale, lemon trees, spinach, mint, arugula, blueberries, and believe me the list goes on!
  2. Nicole admits proudly, "Fanny packs are dope! I stand by them 100%!" Richie admits to gardening in a vintage Chanel fanny pack.  Can't say that I totally relate, but her honesty is much appreciated. I really wish I had a photo of this.
  3. If Nicole Richie had a restaurant, she would name it "Nikki Fresh." (Pretty typical given her gardening obsession listed above.) She envisions 90's hip-hop playing in the restaurant while guests dine on fresh veggies. Hi-larious!
  4. Nicole's Instagram selfie tip: "Just be good looking!" Some of us won't have a problem with that!
  5. And lastly, Nicole's view on leadership: "The ultimate form of leadership is encouraging other women."  When Nicole said this I almost stood on my feet...but resorted to just clapping loudly. It was so important to me, being in a room with 200+ fashion/beauty bloggers from all over the nation, that we realize that although we all desire to be the best, we can be the best while encouraging each other and not necessarily always in competition with each other. Instead of just applying this to women, I believe this applies in life across the board.
Lucky Fabb West 2014 Eva Chen Nicole Richie Interview
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Eva Chen, editor in chief for Lucky Magazine casually interviews Nicole Richie at the Lucky FABB conference
Overall, Nicole Richie was an inspiration and I'm hoping to run into her (maybe at a newly opened Nikki Fresh restaurant) sometime soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Starbucks Stalker Alert: You Are Here Collection

Ok. So you guys should be used to me now. My blog has no real "flow" because that's just me....random. One day it's fashion, one day it's fitness...and then today it's Starbucks. But that's why you love me.

Anyways, I was in the airport on my way from Dallas to Houston when I of course stopped by Starbucks to get me a fresh cup of joe. I completely lost it when I saw the new Starbucks "You Are Here Collection" that featured a mug especially designed for Dallas. The shop-a-holic in me swooned and I immediately picked up the mug for purchase. I believe it was $10.95 AND I was able to get a Trenta sized drink for free...and all that jazz. SCORE!

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Dallas Love Field Airport
The new '"You Are Here Collection" spotted at Dallas Love Field airport
You're probably wasted an entire blog post on this??? Um yeah...I did. I completely STAN for Starbucks. Just ask my bank account. (Check out my other Starbucks post: Starbucks Tres Chic) I'm totally obsessed!

Anyways, it looks like these mugs are only quasi-available at airports because I've looked in some non-airport locations and I didn't see the mug. *takes sip from new mug* Happy sipping and shopping!

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Dallas Love Field Airport

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fab Fashion Find: Rebecca Minkoff's Amorous Saffiano Satchel Bag

Last weekend, I ventured off to L.A. for the Lucky Fabb (Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Conference at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. I was taking a break from all of the breakout sessions when I spotted this Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Saffiano Satchel bag staring at me from one of the tables in the vendor rooms.
Rebecca Minkoff Red Amorous Saffiano Satchel Handbag Lucky Fabb West 2014
Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Saffiano Satchel in red - $325.00 (come to mama!)
Now you guys know how I am about my handbags.  I'm completely obsessed.  So of course, once I put my hands on this puppy, I didn't want to let go. I love how minimal the look is, but the handbag even in its most simple nature can upgrade any outfit because that's just how luxurious it looks.

Wendy's New Salad Collection Lucky Fabb West 2014 Rebecca Minkoff Red Amorous Saffiano Satchel Handbag Leah Frazier
The nerve of the Wendy's employee at the conference to try to get this fabulous handbag away from me.  Clearly she doesn't know about my handbag obsession.
Wendy's New Salad Collection Lucky Fabb West 2014 Rebecca Minkoff Red Amorous Saffiano Satchel Handbag
I'm obsessed with this handbag!  The pop of color is phenomenal!
For those not willing to pay $325.00 for this handbag, I've done some research for you. I found a look-alike with one of my fave brands, London Fog for a whopping $89.00. (You can thank me later.)

London Fog Avery Dome Rebecca Minkoff Handbag Look Alike
London-Fog Avery Dome / Rebecca Minkoff Handbag Look-Alike for $89.00 (Wow-zers!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BET's Let's Stay Together Love Tour Hits Dallas: Massages, Men and More

The BET Let's Stay Together Love Tour hit Dallas at the West End Event Center on March 31st and was hosted by celebrity matchmaker Paul Brunson.  My expectations were exceedingly low for this event as I expressed in my earlier blog post, just because I've been here and dating on the Dallas scene for awhile and the type of man that I'm looking for is definitely slim pickings. However, I tried to stay open-minded and decided that hey, I have nothing to lose!

I did like any other female would do in this situation.  I put on my flirtiest dress, my sexiest pair of heels and attempted to put on the most amazingly "beat" make-up face that I could do--all the while listening to Klymaxx's "The Men All Pause" while I was getting ready...because evidently that's what I wanted to happen once I walked into the room, right?  Well that's not exactly what happened...the mend didn't fact, they kept on talking.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
Icebreaker cards with questions to ask participants placed at each table
 So I arrive at the venue to be seated in VIP. (Thanks Hamilton!) I had my own bottles of Ciroc, my own waitress and my own little table tucked away to the side. While it was great...because I always love special treatment...I think it made the men intimidated because not one guy came and talked to me and the other women who were seated in VIP.  To make matters worse, the organizers didn't account for the VIP women, so we weren't able to get matched up...we couldn't participate in the speed or excuse me "flow" dating experience. But that was okay by me...I was determined to have a good time no matter what.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
The VIP Set-Up
The event kicked off and it was a little alarming.  The first hour was solely a "cocktail and conversations" environment but the men were in groups among themselves and not really interacting with the ladies.  We were all looking good, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Of course, we could have just as easily talked to them but therein lies the problem.  I'm a woman.  I want to be pursued and I want a man to have the guts to come up to me.  As usual...I digress. *sigh*

So before the event kicked off, Paul was such a gentleman.  He came over to the VIP's and introduced himself, assuring us that we would nonetheless be entertained even though we were sans a match to participate....kinda crazy because that was the whole reason we were there. But from witnessing participants giving each other a massage to a couples dance-off, I was really entertained..and a tad jealous. Candid questions were asked like "After how many dates would you expect to have sex?", "Is Kanye West crazy or a genius (genius of course)", etc. etc.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
Sorry for the blurry pic ya'll.  The lighting was bad.  Here are two participants giving each other a massage during the "flow" dating experience. I could've used a massage....I'm just sayin'. LOL But within the picture lies my point...why is the guy looking off waaaayyyy at the other end of the bar and not paying attention to the woman he is massaging?  C'mon Dallas fellas!!!!
During the event, Paul's friend and co-host (who shall remain nameless) talked to me for a bit and said that he would be over to chat with me after he got done making announcements...and I'll admit I was a little excited.  He was REALLY handsome, very well-spoken and my type.  But wouldn't you know it...due to the fact that the male to female ratio was off for the event, my bubble was burst because "cutie" had to go participate in speed dating to even out the number of men.  Yay for him, but bummer for me.  Another one bites the dust.

All in all, I was really impressed by the organization of the event and the twist on speed dating. It actually seemed like a lot of fun and I'm kinda bummed I didn't get to participate. All in all, I grew to have much respect for Paul Brunson because he was super friendly, stayed afterwards to take pictures with everyone and was just extremely down to earth. 

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas Paul Brunson and Leah Frazier
Celebrity matchmaker Paul Brunson and me
While I don't have any juicy stories to tell, I'm sure my dating dilemmas in Dallas will continue for all of you guys' entertainment. And as for "cutie", he disappeared after the event like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight---completely ghost...nowhere to be found. Sheesh.

Oh well, until the next date....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going GaGa Over Gap's New Lived In Collection

So Vogue graciously sent me one of the new t-shirts from the Gap's new "Lived In" collection along with a gift card to buy a pair of Gap jeans and asked me to style it.  First off--can I just say...that I know it's just a t-shirt but's one of my favorite tees.

I'm wearing a pink "lived in" pocket tee. It is super comfortable, long...and I love that it is super light...which allows your skin to breathe.  This is perfect for the spring and summer and also in the cooler seasons for layering.  I am in love with this tee and headed to the nearest Gap to buy several more colors.

Let's talk jeans.  I picked out the Gap "always skinny skimmer" jeans.  Since I'm tall I rolled the ends for a more casual look. They have the extra stretch...because I have a little something-something in the back AND I feel as though they do slim down my thighs.  They are super comfortable and I don't have to jump or wiggle in them when I'm putting them on in the morning. ( know what I'm talking about)

Top this look off with my newest pair of sandals from Shoedazzle and I'm off for a walk in Highland Park Dallas, stylishly and comfortably. By the way, "city sandals", are the newest thing in shoe trends right now.  They're called city sandals because the heel is chunkier and you're supposed to be able to walk around the city all day in them.  Ummm...don't know about all of that, but the sandals are super cute!