Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BET's Let's Stay Together Love Tour Hits Dallas: Massages, Men and More

The BET Let's Stay Together Love Tour hit Dallas at the West End Event Center on March 31st and was hosted by celebrity matchmaker Paul Brunson.  My expectations were exceedingly low for this event as I expressed in my earlier blog post, just because I've been here and dating on the Dallas scene for awhile and the type of man that I'm looking for is definitely slim pickings. However, I tried to stay open-minded and decided that hey, I have nothing to lose!

I did like any other female would do in this situation.  I put on my flirtiest dress, my sexiest pair of heels and attempted to put on the most amazingly "beat" make-up face that I could do--all the while listening to Klymaxx's "The Men All Pause" while I was getting ready...because evidently that's what I wanted to happen once I walked into the room, right?  Well that's not exactly what happened...the mend didn't pause...in fact, they kept on talking.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
Icebreaker cards with questions to ask participants placed at each table
 So I arrive at the venue to be seated in VIP. (Thanks Hamilton!) I had my own bottles of Ciroc, my own waitress and my own little table tucked away to the side. While it was great...because I always love special treatment...I think it made the men intimidated because not one guy came and talked to me and the other women who were seated in VIP.  To make matters worse, the organizers didn't account for the VIP women, so we weren't able to get matched up...we couldn't participate in the speed or excuse me "flow" dating experience. But that was okay by me...I was determined to have a good time no matter what.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
The VIP Set-Up
The event kicked off and it was a little alarming.  The first hour was solely a "cocktail and conversations" environment but the men were in groups among themselves and not really interacting with the ladies.  We were all looking good, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Of course, we could have just as easily talked to them but therein lies the problem.  I'm a woman.  I want to be pursued and I want a man to have the guts to come up to me.  As usual...I digress. *sigh*

So before the event kicked off, Paul was such a gentleman.  He came over to the VIP's and introduced himself, assuring us that we would nonetheless be entertained even though we were sans a match to participate....kinda crazy because that was the whole reason we were there. But from witnessing participants giving each other a massage to a couples dance-off, I was really entertained..and a tad jealous. Candid questions were asked like "After how many dates would you expect to have sex?", "Is Kanye West crazy or a genius (genius of course)", etc. etc.

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas
Sorry for the blurry pic ya'll.  The lighting was bad.  Here are two participants giving each other a massage during the "flow" dating experience. I could've used a massage....I'm just sayin'. LOL But within the picture lies my point...why is the guy looking off waaaayyyy at the other end of the bar and not paying attention to the woman he is massaging?  C'mon Dallas fellas!!!!
During the event, Paul's friend and co-host (who shall remain nameless) talked to me for a bit and said that he would be over to chat with me after he got done making announcements...and I'll admit I was a little excited.  He was REALLY handsome, very well-spoken and my type.  But wouldn't you know it...due to the fact that the male to female ratio was off for the event, my bubble was burst because "cutie" had to go participate in speed dating to even out the number of men.  Yay for him, but bummer for me.  Another one bites the dust.

All in all, I was really impressed by the organization of the event and the twist on speed dating. It actually seemed like a lot of fun and I'm kinda bummed I didn't get to participate. All in all, I grew to have much respect for Paul Brunson because he was super friendly, stayed afterwards to take pictures with everyone and was just extremely down to earth. 

Let's Stay Together Love Tour Dallas Paul Brunson and Leah Frazier
Celebrity matchmaker Paul Brunson and me
While I don't have any juicy stories to tell, I'm sure my dating dilemmas in Dallas will continue for all of you guys' entertainment. And as for "cutie", he disappeared after the event like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight---completely ghost...nowhere to be found. Sheesh.

Oh well, until the next date....