Thursday, April 17, 2014

Starbucks Stalker Alert: You Are Here Collection

Ok. So you guys should be used to me now. My blog has no real "flow" because that's just me....random. One day it's fashion, one day it's fitness...and then today it's Starbucks. But that's why you love me.

Anyways, I was in the airport on my way from Dallas to Houston when I of course stopped by Starbucks to get me a fresh cup of joe. I completely lost it when I saw the new Starbucks "You Are Here Collection" that featured a mug especially designed for Dallas. The shop-a-holic in me swooned and I immediately picked up the mug for purchase. I believe it was $10.95 AND I was able to get a Trenta sized drink for free...and all that jazz. SCORE!

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Dallas Love Field Airport
The new '"You Are Here Collection" spotted at Dallas Love Field airport
You're probably wasted an entire blog post on this??? Um yeah...I did. I completely STAN for Starbucks. Just ask my bank account. (Check out my other Starbucks post: Starbucks Tres Chic) I'm totally obsessed!

Anyways, it looks like these mugs are only quasi-available at airports because I've looked in some non-airport locations and I didn't see the mug. *takes sip from new mug* Happy sipping and shopping!

Starbucks You Are Here Collection Dallas Love Field Airport