Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nicole Richie Talks Fanny Packs, Gardening in Chanel and Women Empowerment at Lucky FABB

Fashionista and devoted mommy, Nicole Richie, graced us with her presence at the Lucky Magazine Lucky FABB Conference in Beverly Hills on April 5, 2014 and openly discussed her life, her thoughts and overall views on fashion. I walked into the conference already as a Nicole Richie fan and left with more respect and admiration for her because of her transparency to a group of 200+ bloggers that she didn't know.

Lucky Fabb West 2014 Nicole Richie

Nicole gracefully walked onto the Lucky FABB stage, with purple hair I might add...donning a floral print blazer, J Brand black jeans and a huge smile. The purple hair she explains right up front, was all because of her in that moment, you couldn't help but to fall in love with the ex "Simple Life" co-star.  After my verbal disgrace for this "floral print" trend that has vomited in all of the major department stores (see pic below), I think that Nicole rocked it perfectly and has made a "partial" believer out of me.

Neiman Marcus Spring Summer 2014 Floral Trend
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Neiman Marcus Spring Trends Luncheon / According to Neiman's, floral is in for Spring/Summer 2014. This is just not doing it for me.

Lucky Fabb West 2014 Nicole Richie Eva Chen Interview
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Eva Chen, editor in chief for Lucky Magazine casually interviews Nicole Richie at the Lucky FABB conference. Nicole rocks the floral print blazer perfectly!
Anyways, after Nicole told us the story of how she took one of her first fashion risks by trying to shape her eyebrows...with a razor nonetheless...and with NO mirror, I was all in!  She ended up shaving off half her eyebrow by the way...but owned it!  You read it here first.

So if you're a Nicole Richie fan...or maybe's some fun tidbits I learned about Nicole while at Lucky FABB! I present to you, Nicole Richie unplugged and totally random...but that's why we love her right?
  1. Nicole is HUGE on gardening. Her garden has: apple trees, kale, lemon trees, spinach, mint, arugula, blueberries, and believe me the list goes on!
  2. Nicole admits proudly, "Fanny packs are dope! I stand by them 100%!" Richie admits to gardening in a vintage Chanel fanny pack.  Can't say that I totally relate, but her honesty is much appreciated. I really wish I had a photo of this.
  3. If Nicole Richie had a restaurant, she would name it "Nikki Fresh." (Pretty typical given her gardening obsession listed above.) She envisions 90's hip-hop playing in the restaurant while guests dine on fresh veggies. Hi-larious!
  4. Nicole's Instagram selfie tip: "Just be good looking!" Some of us won't have a problem with that!
  5. And lastly, Nicole's view on leadership: "The ultimate form of leadership is encouraging other women."  When Nicole said this I almost stood on my feet...but resorted to just clapping loudly. It was so important to me, being in a room with 200+ fashion/beauty bloggers from all over the nation, that we realize that although we all desire to be the best, we can be the best while encouraging each other and not necessarily always in competition with each other. Instead of just applying this to women, I believe this applies in life across the board.
Lucky Fabb West 2014 Eva Chen Nicole Richie Interview
Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Eva Chen, editor in chief for Lucky Magazine casually interviews Nicole Richie at the Lucky FABB conference
Overall, Nicole Richie was an inspiration and I'm hoping to run into her (maybe at a newly opened Nikki Fresh restaurant) sometime soon!