Sunday, June 15, 2014

MakeUp Organization for Less: Organize Like a Hollywood Celeb

I remember watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians years back and those Fabulous Life of TV show series on television and drooling over celebrity womens' closets.  I wanted my makeup and jewelry to be on display so elegantly and organized to a "T".  What girl doesn't want all of her brushes out and available and have glosses with glosses, powders with powders, etc.

So when I was first on the hunt to mimic what I saw on TV, I came across a company called GLAMbox on Instagram.  They had just sent their GLAMbox to Lilly Ghalichi of Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset and were trying to pitch the fact that she used their organization boxes, that we the consumer should buy it too!  WRONG! While these boxes are allegedly "luxury" and very nice looking, they are $200.  And there is no way that I was paying that!

GLAMbox Makeup Organization
GLAMbox, Photo Credit: Instagram
As patience would have it, I saw a sale on Hautelook for the exact replica of these makeup boxes by a company called Cosmetique.  I got the same organization space but only for $18.00 and $13.00 for two organization boxes...and they look great! It doesn't appear that the company has an official website but I found mine on and it looks like they may have some on Sears, Amazon and eBay.  This is way better than $200!

Cosmetique Collection MakeUp Organization Hautelook
Cosmetique Collection MakeUp Organization purchased from Hautelook

Cosmetique Collection MakeUp Organization Dallas Beauty Blogger Hautelook
My finished product in my bathroom using Cosmetique Collection MakeUp Organization trays, I stacked several on top of each other to fit all of my most used makeup items. / Photo Credit: Leah Frazier