Monday, June 16, 2014

Throwing Shade: My Top Summer Sunglasses Picks from Sunglass Hut

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have this tiny (well, maybe not tiny), HUGE obsession with sunglasses.  They can be plastic and "one-time use only" sunglasses from a sunglasses vendor at the mall to a pair of Tom Ford's that I've trolled Hautelook for for over a year.  I just LOVE shades. Sidebar: I spotted a pair of Bottega Veneta shades (original retail of $600) that I tried on last year at the actual Bottega Veneta store and now they are at Neiman Marcus' Last Call at Grapevine Mills for $169, plus I have a $25.00 off on the lookout for them to make an appearance in an upcoming blog post.  Trolling and patience has its perks people!
Leah Frazier Dallas Fashion Blogger Banana Republic Sunglasses
Me and one of my fave shades from Banana Republic. I've had them for years! / Photo Credit: Thomas Garza Photography
Anyways, Sunglass Hut sent me a preview of their 94 Shades of Summer lookbook in honor of the 94 days of summer which featured several different shade styles from different brands. SWOON! I personally REFUSE to hop on the reflective aviator bandwagon that EVERYONE and their mama is hopping on lately, however for your enjoyment I've included a pair in my slideshow below.  I'm personally digging the cat-eyes by Miu Miu...just sayin'!

Anywho, enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment as to which style you like and what you will be rockin this summer! I'd love to hear from you.