Friday, March 28, 2014

BET's Let's Stay Together Love Tour to Come to Dallas luck with dating has been sub par at best.  At this point, what's left for me in the dating pool has been comical.  From being approached by the over-sexed atheist ("clearly he doesn't read my blog") to dating the hot model with B.O.--I've had my fair share of CRAZY experiences here in Dallas.  One thing I have always wanted to do but have NEVER done is something similar to speed dating.

Welp, BET is bringing their Let's Stay Together Love Tour to Dallas with celebrity matchmaker Paul Brunson...and yours truly *drumroll please*...has signed up to attend. Now, my socialite Dallas buddy, Hamilton Sneed of HAS Events wanted me to help promote the event saying they needed more men...which already sounds like a recipe for disaster.  The women to men ratio is already off.  But hopefully the good, non cray-cray, employed, automobile driving men of Dallas will show up for this "flow" dating experience.

Here's to hoping and um....I'll definitely be writing a blog post about it afterwards. Here's the info for those wanting to attend and make sure you put "HAS" in the field, when they ask you how you've heard about the event.

*UPDATE* - This event is at capacity for women. Men are invited to register!!!!