Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sarah Jessica Parker is Now My Homegirl and Other Shenanigans

Sarah Jessica Parker, or "SJP" as I would call her, came to Dallas on Sunday March 9th and this was something that was on my calendar for months.  I was doing the write-up for DFW Style Daily and just thought that I would show up, get my pics of SJP, interview a couple of SJP groupies and then bounce.  I was sadly mistaken.

See...what had happened was....(when you hear that, you know it's all going downhill)...I had a date the night before...and not just any date, a date with a hot guy and to see comedian Katt Williams.  And Katt didn't take the stage until SUPER late and I didn't get home until about 1:00 AMish but only because I had to stop by In and Out Burger to get a late night snack.  Anyways, I digress.

So the last thing on my mind was waking up at the crack of dawn to see SJP.  I honestly thought that I could just stroll into Nordstrom, get my info for my article in about an hour and bounce. WRONG!

SJP was scheduled to be in Nordstrom's from 12:30 to 1:30PM.  Something in my gut told me to climb out of bed at 9:30AM to get to Nordstrom's early and thank God I did. I literally rolled out of bed, put some jeans on, fluffed my fro and threw on some lip gloss.  I arrived to Nordstrom at 10:30AM to a line of fashionably clad gals waiting in line.

Met these three ladies in line.  The woman on the right was from CBS in Tyler and her mother is on her left and in her late 70's.  GTFOH!  Loved these women!
Again, stupid me...I'm thinking that I'm just gonna...stroll into Nordstrom's, get my pics of SJP, interview the groupies and leave. *Sigh*  So I get in line, only to have Nordstrom sales associates come by at  11:00AM saying..."If you don't have shoes or something purchased from SJP's collection, then you can't meet her."  (Insert a few expletive words here)

I just HAVE to get the scoop.  I HAVE to report on this.  There are no if, ands or buts about it.  So the Nordstrom sales associate comes back...and then I end up being the "groupie" that I was thinking that I was going to interview. LOL  I ordered a random pair of shoes off of the sales associate's iPAD, gave him my credit card...all so that I could have a "purchased item" in order to meet SJP and keep my spot in line.  There were a TON of people in line to meet Sarah...so I can only imagine the amount of $$$ that Nordstrom made at their impromptu sidewalk sale. However, I doubt that they were as smart as me...because I later took the shoes back ($270 pair of shoes) but yet I got both the scoop AND an autograph by SJP!

The impromptu sidewalk sale.  Everyone was desperate to get shoes in order to be able to meet SJP.  This is Dallas fashion blogger, My Fashion Juice, trying on shoes from the SJP collection. Noone wanted to lose their spot in line!
Fast forward to once we get inside at 11:30AM, I stay in line for an hour and finally get to meet the woman who inspired many of my fashion dreams. I tell Sarah of how I want to be the "Carrie Bradshaw of Dallas" which is in my by-line for DFW Style Daily and she goes on to tell me that I shouldn't wait to be "the Carrie Bradshaw of Dallas" but to anoint myself in the present tense that I AM what or who I want to be and just go for it!  She was so inspiring...so sweet and I will never forget this experience.  Watching Sex and the City will NEVER be the same again!

Click here for my post-event scoop published on DFW Style Daily!

And there I stood once inside..for 3 hours waiting to meet SJP and to get "the scoop." Noone said being a fashion journalist allows the red carpet to get rolled out for me EVERY single time. *sigh* So I waited....
The crowd
Sarah Jessica Parker doing an autograph for a fan
SJP!  Hey Giiiirrrllllll!!!!!!!!! lol
My moment with SJP...I wasn't nervous or anything.  Moreso surprised that she actually cared enough to speak positive affirmations to a complete stranger who she didn't even know.  How inspiring!