Saturday, March 22, 2014

St. Patty's Day Dallas Style: Greenville Greatness and Ludacris Craziness

So this was my first St. Patty's Day parade and concert in Dallas and I see now why it is nationally recognized and why Mark Cuban shelled out $50,000 last year to save the parade when it was threatened to get cancelled. This is an ULTIMATE Dallas staple and I will never miss a parade again.

Oscar-like selfies with the people of hair's its own person. I think this was after me and my friend Karen had about 3 jello shots from the random "jello shot vendor" on Greenville Ave.
I've done some great (*cough cough* *wink wink*) St. Patty's Day celebrations in my hay day back in college but um....I thought I had matured since then.  Clearly not.

Just give me my beer (in a koozie) and I'm a-okay! I think this pic was when I was telling my friend that I was happy my hair was natural...I didn't give two flips that it was raining.  NATURAL GIRLS ROCK! Oh yeah, and check out the green beer bottle cap earrings...made by 12 year old Brandon Belanger.  His company is Urban Art 12.  I got SOOO many compliments on my earrings...and yes, they were sober...I think.
Anyways, everyone's inhibitions were thrown to the wind and just there to have an all out good time. My hair seemed to be the icebreaker for everyone who came up to talk to me but I don't mind usually is.

Me and friend glad she came out to experience Greenville Ave. craziness with me!
After the parade was greatness.  The Ludacris concert...for all of only $15.  Dallas did that.  And for the people who cheated the system and stood in the parking garage next to the concert (for free) and then had the nerve to complain that they felt the concert was got to see Ludacris perform all of his top hits (FOR FREE) and in a "COVERED" parking garage while the rest of us GOT OUR the rain jammin to all of Luda's hits.  Take several Dallas people! I digress.

The carefree people of Dallas jammin' to Luda.  As for me...I was standing on a wet picnic table rappin and dancin my life away.
I was SO happy to be a Dallas-ite that day.  We came and PACKED out the sold out show...and danced and rapped in the pouring rain and it was seriously so much fun. I didn't realize how cold I was until I got home and it took 2 hours for me to warm up...but oh well. C'EST LA VIE!

This was my first St. Patty's Day Dallas experience and it will definitely not be my last. If you missed sorry for you. There's always next year.