Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Lash Loft Eyelash Extension Experience in Dallas

Everyone who knows me can vouch that I have complained since the day I turned 13 and my mother told me that I could wear makeup that I HAVE NO LASHES! It's always been a frustrating thing for me...double, triple and even quadrupling my mascara coating so that I can make my "eyes pop." I remember being in high school and getting ready in the locker room every morning after basketball and watching as the girls prepped using their eyelash curlers and one coat of mascara for beautiful eyelashes. I was definitely jealous because I couldn't do the same. (*cue the sad violin music here*) fast forward to current day and I'm still having the same struggle.  The false application lashes look way too over the top for me and I have never been able to find that happy medium of long but natural-looking eyelashes...until now.

I ventured into The Lash Loft which is newly opened in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. The owners, Preston and Lauren are super sweet and they decorated the interior to be so trendy and posh.

Why not do a little pose right outside of The Lash Loft? Photo credit: Amber LaFrance
Anyways after an hour and a half, I had a full set of silk eyelash extensions and they turned out beautifully. I'm still going to have to get used to the process. I have super sensitive eyes so the bright lights and the fumes from the glue made the first 20 minutes of the process uber uncomfortable.

A great before and after pic.  I wasn't exaggerating when I said I had literally VERY SHORT lashes before. 
Other than that, here's how my lashes turned out and I have received SO many compliments on how natural they look...some of my friends couldn't even tell that I had the extensions.  Woohoo! I will be back for my refill and touch-up.  I may have just found my new addiction.

At the Lash Loft Grand Opening Soiree in Deep Ellum, from left to right: My Dallas Bar Association bud Stefanie Bradshaw, Attorney Brian Landa and me! That fabulous skirt??? By Gianni Bini at Dillard's!