Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Up Close and Personal With Courtney Kerr

I was so privileged to have been only one of a handful of hand-selected press to attend the "Courtney Loves Dallas" premiere at LOOK Cinemas on December 5, 2013. Although "Ice-Maggedon" was slowly making its way into Dallas, I drove through sleet to go to the premiere (I'm a Bravo TV-aholic so what can I say?) and to obviously see and interview Courtney Kerr. To read my interview click here.

Now....since I am in the fashion circle and on the scene in Dallas...there are many times where I will sit down at shows a seat or two from Courtney or attend special blogger events with Courtney but never have we actually talked face to face.  Can I just say....that she and Tori are hilarious???  Like seriously...they have both been adopted into the family as my home-girls...they just don't know it yet.

Tori Gonzales, Me and Courtney Kerr at the premiere of Courtney Loves Dallas at Look Cinemas on December 5, 2013.  Photo Credit: Thomas Garza Photography

Tori totally tried to jack me for my Kate Spade handbag but I wasn't having it. I told her she could cop one too for $90 at Nordstrom Rack. But in all seriousness, I was just touched with how down to earth Courtney was and the fact that through all of the fame, she still sticks close to the friends that have been there with her since day 1.

Tori Gonzales, best friend of Courtney Kerr and co-star of "Courtney Loves Dallas" cracking me up...I think at this point she was telling me..."Let's not talk about me...let's talk about you...and that handbag!" (See a better pic of my fabulous handbag in another one of my blog post's by clicking here.) Oh yeah...and all that hair is MINE OH MINE! / Photo Credit: Thomas Garza Photography
She is also a true testament to the fact God can change your life in an instant. Courtney was in corporate America doing like most of us bloggers...blogging on the side.  I can hardly imagine that she knew that she would be in this place right now.  All of that to say...don't get down on your luck or think that God has forgotten about you. In the blink of an eye He can elevate you and give you so much provision that you are just amazed. Just keep believing and pressing forward.

I pray that Courtney remains humble throughout it all.  This is the second interview that I have done with Courtney and she has remained the same.  Last interview I had with Courtney she said that she prefers to do most of her PR so that she can retain control of her own image and how she is portrayed. You have to respect her hustle.  

Me interviewing both Tori Gonzales and Courtney Kerr / Photo Credit: Thomas Garza Photography
All in all, being there with Courtney was first of all an honor...that Plan B PR thought that I was "special" enough to be one of the select press individuals there to interview the new reality star.  But overall, I gained so much motivation for myself...to keep pushing...to know that what God has for me is coming...and that I need to be prepared...because in an instant, your life can change in the blink of an eye.  Will you be ready when He elevates your life to the next level? How are you preparing yourself? Have you prayed for humility and that His will be done?  If not, these are the questions that need to be asked and ultimately answered. 


Leah J.