Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Day In The Life of a Charity/Fashion/Lifestyle Writer

I get asked a lot of questions or better yet told of how cool my job is and honestly, I couldn't feel more blessed to be able to do what I do everyday and to meet such an amazing and diverse group of people in the city of Dallas. So since inquiring minds want to know...I figured I would do a post about a typical Saturday OR a day where I'm slotted to cover several events at one time.  And since Dallas is SO ends up being 3-4 events in one day.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

  • 6:30AM - wake up...fix my early morning cup of joe which normally rounds out to about 5 cups of coffee (I know...horrible habit)  Start to think about the events I have to cover, the people I'm going to meet and the questions I will ask.  At this point in time, I actually consider writing 1-2 articles/posts before heading out the door for the day.
  • 9:00AM - hit the shower but not before skimming through social media to get a good laugh or to see what I can do to increase readership for the events that I will be covering for the day (What hashtags will I use, who I will tag and what are they already posting about their events)
    • In between all of this, I have to carefully select a comfortable yet trendy outfit. Nothing is worse than being photographed as a "fashion writer" and you look everything less than fashionable.
  • 10:00AM - bolt out the door to head to the grocery store to get canned goods for the first charity event.  Yes...most people will get things like this the day before...but with my life...I don't have time for that!
  • 11:25AM - DETOUR!  Remembers that today is Nordstrom Rack's holiday sale and Kate Spade handbag/tote is on sale for $90!  Heads over to Nordstrom Rack...already knows where the purse is...scoops it up, gives troubling husband advice on what handbag to buy for his wife for Christmas, and is out in less than 10 minutes.
"Isn't she a beaut???" In my Cher from Clueless voice. haha Kate Spade tote for $90 from Nordstrom Rack..what a steal and worth making a detour for.
  • 11:35AM - Starts to think....there was a clutch I left at Express and didn't buy last week that will look REALLY cute with my outfit for tonight's charity event...makes another DETOUR across the street to North Park Mall and picks up clutch. SCORE!
Express clutch for FREE 99!  After applying my Express coupon and remaining funds on my Express giftcard. SCORE!  I love the gold detailing on this clutch and its versatility.  It can be dressed up or down. If I didn't have the gift card it would have only cost me $22.
  • Noon - arrives at Chili-anthropy charity event in Deep Ellum.  Scopes the scene, finds the organizer to make introductions, finds photographer for arrangements on post-event photos and then makes the room (with a cocktail of course) to get short interviews and gather info for a write-up. After I feel like I have enough content then I par-tay! Chili, Tequila and Fritos...FUNNERS!
Great friends...freezing our butts off for charity...thank God Jarrod's chili could warm us up! From left to right: Larry, Amber, Me and Jarrod at Chili-Anthropy charity event benefiting North Texas Food Bank
  • 1:10PM - hauls butt from Deep Ellum to Frisco through traffic to make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Holiday fashion show for Miss Me Jeans. Looks at gas light...nope, can't make it to Frisco...will have to pull over and get gas!  Darn...especially when my GPS shows that I'm gonna get to the event at 2:03PM -  Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE being the event organizer made it VERY clear that the show was going to start on time promptly at 2:00PM. So....I'm not going to say what I did or how fast I went but....I made it to the event on time. LOL Was also excited to get a V.I.P. swag bag that included a pair of my very own Miss Me blinged out Jeans!
Me and the lovely ladies of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • 3:30PM - head home for a quick nap before getting ready for the Trend Next charity fashion show benefiting Baylor Health Care Systems. Watched crap reality TV to unwind and tried to get in a quick hour and 15 minute nap before getting glammed up for Trend Next.
  • 5:00PM - started getting ready for Trend Next...mulled over whether to go "natural girl", "vampy vixen" or "smokey-eye Kim K-ish". Decided to go with a smokey eye with vampire red was a hit! Finished up getting ready but couldn't head out the door without taking my journal with me to take notes on the event.  Have to mix business with pleasure!!!
My new ECO-FRIENDLY journal courtesy of one of my newest partners, Grapevine Mills Mall.  Small enough to throw into my clutch and go!  PERFECT FOR THE JOURNALIST ON THE GO!
  • 6:45PM - arrive at the event...ready to see some awesome fashion, eat some gourmet food and support founder, Shamequia Cason, as she educates about organ donations and Baylor Health Care Systems. This event was fantastic!  Elegantly done and I am SO proud of all of the hard work that Shamequia did to have Trend Next (in my opinion) as one of the top fashion events in Dallas for the year.
Me posing at Trend Next.  Outfit Details from Head to Toe.  Earrings by Purple Aura Jewels, Necklace by Lia Sophia, Dress by Express, Clutch by Express, Textured tights and Booties by Steve Madden Girl from DSW
Photo Credit: Eden Russom (Love her!)

  • 10:35PM - post updates to social my cookie from my swag bag from the event, fix a glass of Dr. Pepper 10 and CRASH!!!!!