Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blaine's Tamed My Mane....and I Liked It (Giveaway Included)

Blaine's Salon is one of the top salons in Dallas and is located in the trendy and posh area of Uptown off of McKinney Ave. I personally know the owners, Blaine and Sharon Schlaudt and wanted to see if their salon had what it took to tame my "natural" mane. Blaine, a guru of ALL hair types, gladly invited me in and wanted to show me why his salon knows no bounds and can tame even the toughest of manes...MINE! haha

My hair type is super coarse and after a 4 day old twist-out, I really wondered whether or not Blaine and his crew could fulfill the task.  But just as any professional stylists would, the Blaine's Dallas crew welcomed me like family, poured me MANY glasses of the champs (fancy word for champagne....I was in Uptown so you know...gotta get a little fancy) and had me feeling like a million bucks in a couple of hours.

I came into Blaine's after work after sporting a 4-day old twist-out that I had smooshed up into a bun with a double-wound headband.  Let's face it, I was a "natural" disaster.  I guess this is what you get when you're a full-time attorney, writing for 6 publications, with clients that I'm styling and attending social events several times a week. Pic 1 is after we took my bun down, pic 2 was after Manny finger-combed my twist-out.  Pic 3 and 4 is after straightening. 

Hair done by Manny at Blaine's Salon in Dallas. God Bless Him! I have a lot of hair and it is thicker than a snicker too!
While Manny was testing his skills out on my hair, I had a chance to talk to Blaine about the products that he was using...because as you know, us naturalistas are VERY particular about what products we put in our hair.  We steer clear of heavy concentrated alcohol hair products and if the first named ingredients aren't water or some form of organic oil (i.e. coconut oil, argan oil, etc.), then it's pretty much a no go. 

However Blaine's Salon uses their specially made products that Blaine personally created and tested in the labs to ensure that they have the highest level of concentration of organic oils and ingredients. know me...not that I didn't believe Blaine and all...but I had to look on the back of the products and sure enough the first ingredient was water so major points for Blaine on that one!

And did I mention the smell???  The products smell amazing! I was practically in spa-mode when I was getting my hair massaged and shampooed at the bowl. *Sigh*  Pure Bliss.  *Future boo--take notes!*

I must say that after all was said and done and my hair was straightened, this was THE softest that my hair has felt in YEARS!

Manny trimming my ends.  2 years and 8 months natural.  Look at the length!!!
2 years and 8 months natural.  I'm going for bra-strap length.  Hopefully the next time I go to Blaine's I'll be 2 inches closer to my goal!  Look at the healthy sheen!

The finished product! I felt amazing!!! *fingers crossed that it wasn't humid outside...we all know what that means...*

All that to receive one of the best straightening experiences that I have received in awhile. If you're a naturalista like me and you're looking for a salon in Uptown to straighten or tame your mane, then Manny at Blaine's is the guy for you. Get your hair straightened, sip some champs, and then walk across the street and grub out at Del Frisco's Grille which has some amazing flatbreads and a fantastic wine list.  Now if only Blaine's can tame both my hair AND these obnoxious guys in Dallas, then we would be on to something here!

For more questions on Blaine's and to see what all his salon has in store, then click here.

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