Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Get the Defibrillator---Urban Decay Is Coming Out With Naked 3 now you guys should be at a point where when I tell you something is going to be a hit, or that you should mark your calendars for something, then you should do it, right? favorite make-up brand Urban Decay is posting all over the web and on Instagram about the release of Naked 3...the third (well technically 4th) eye shadow pallet from the Naked series. (See related blog post: Get Naked!) / The moment I thought I was gonna pass out from excitement.
Anyone who is everyone will be rushing out to get this new pallet so PLEASE take it from that it will behoove you (I just love that word..behoove) will "behoove" you to go to Urban Decay's website and sign up to be on the list to get the EXACT release date for this newest pallet. It will sell like hotcakes as soon as it hits the stores so I wouldn't even risk it.  Both Naked 1 and 2 were $ start saving your funds now and get ready to own a piece of greatness.

Naked 1, 2 & 3 side by side...SWOON!!!!! This is a snapshot of the evil trolls at Urban Decay teasing the lowly beauty obsessed peasants about the newest release of Naked 3.  HOW EVIL!
I have both Naked 1 and 2 and have yet to be disappointed. I've received the most compliments I have ever received makeup wise when I use these eyeshadow pallets and it's just all around a must have. Whether you are new to the use of eye shadows or a pro who uses 6 brushes when doing your eyes, you MUST have these pallets.