Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recap: Janelle Monae Does Dallas, Does It Big and Renews My Faith In Music

It's only once every blue moon that you can truly say that you experienced true artistry at its finest and for me...that was the Janelle Monae "Electric Lady" show that she did on November 9, 2013 at the House of Blues.  I was already pretty pumped up to go...but I was NOT ready for what the Electric Lady herself had in store for us.

First off...her opening act... *no words*.  Roman Gian Arthur...completely tore the roof down and shocked the entire house! He was like Prince, Donnell Jones and all of the great R&B acts all mixed together.  The entire time he was on the stage I think everyone's mouths were on the floor.  Janelle could not have picked a more perfect opening act...and to make it all come together...he was from Denton, BOOM! #Texasisthegreatest  As soon as he left the stage, we were all on our Smart phones trying to Google him and download his music, he was just THAT GOOD!

So after Roman Gian Arthur left the stage, it was like being at an old school house party.  The House of Blues started playing everything from Stevie Wonder to Lauryn Hill...*sigh Lauryn Hill*.  It's just one of those names in music you hear and you automatically get mad...just thinking about "what could have been."  Anyways, I digress.

So the electric lady herself takes the stage and she's all in a straight jacket. The whole show was not just a performance but a production with themes and everything. When I say I got my entire life out of this concert, I mean exactly that.  And I know I may come up missing after I type this but....I enjoyed this concert so much more than the Beyonce concert. (Grips pearls...)  I can't believe I just typed that.

So if Janelle has not yet made it to your town...PLEASE catch this's only between $25-$35 AND she comes out into the crowd AND she crowd surfed AND get there super early because they hand out backstage passes to meet Janelle Monae herself to people who are in the front row before the show even begins.  The darn early birds caught the worm...and I wasn't one of them because I was trying to be cute in my heels and didn't want my feet to be hurting by the end of the night so arrived at the venue after the doors opened.  Again...can't change the I digress.

Oh last word of advice...if you don't have a boo, find one for the show...because once she performs "Primetime", it puts you in the mood to slow dance...and you don't wanna be like me, wrapping your arms around yourself singing all the words to the song.  NOT HOT!

Janelle Monae arriving on stage in a straight jacket

The Electric Lady Tour - Janelle Monae / House of Blues Dallas 11.9.2013