Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fabulous Fashion Find: Bagadocious Bags (Promo Code Included)

So how annoying is it when you go to your closet and you are looking for a particular handbag but can't locate it quick enough because you don't know which dustbag it's in?  I know that I have several dustbags for my Kate Spade and Brahmin handbags but I have to look through each one to find the handbag that I want when I want it.

Well, there's a cure for that and it's called Bagadocious.  With Bagadocious, all you have to do is choose the type of dust bag that you want and it can be used for your handbags, clutches, shades, shoes or other accessories.  Upload a picture of whatever item you need a dustbag for and VOILA!  You have a quality made dustbag with a picture of what's inside so that you can cut down on how much time you spend in your closet looking for certain items.

I feel like I hit a gold mine.  Check out the Bagadocious handbags I made below.   For the first 5 followers to leave a comment on this post with their email address, I will email you a PROMO code to receive 50% off of a custom-made Bagadocious dustbag!  These make for perfect gift items as well!

Bagadocious handbag dustbag even get to choose the outside trim color!

Sunglasses Bagadocious covers--a great way to protect your sunglasses if you misplace your case.
Bagadocious bags for shoes.