Monday, November 26, 2012

Smile...even when no one is watching

"A glad heart makes a happy face..." ~Proverbs 15:13~

There's something to be said when the light from within can't help but to shine all over one's face. That's how I felt when I took this photo today.

My day didn't start out so great. I woke up today consumed with thoughts about work and other things that easily stress me out. I wore "army" green today purposely because I knew today at work would be a battle for me. Who does that? Yep, that would be me...

When I truly thought of my blessed I am to have a job to go to, a family to relay my stresses to and a place of my own to lay my head down at night...I couldn't help but just to smile.

So if ever anyone catches me smiling...even when no one is watching and at times when they can't understand why...I'm smiling because He has blessed me beyond measure.

*For those who always ask me about my hair/clothes.....I did a wet two-strand twist for my hairstyle using Curls Unleashed leave-in conditioner, Entwine styling cream and a setting lotion.*

*For the look (even though you can only see me from the neck up) Classic green button-down army inspired top by Express with gold-button details, tassel necklace by Lia Sophia*