Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blissful Black Friday

So let's face it...who REALLY likes Black Friday?  I know that I personally despise the crowds and all of the hustle and bustle just to save some money.  Over the years it seems that Black Friday has become nothing more than just a circus and overall just plain stressful!

Well lucky for you, eBay is putting on a "blissful" online shopping experience at Bliss Spa at the W Hotel in Dallas for Black Friday from 9AM to 9PM.  Drop in on your own time and enjoy a free mani, pedi or foot rub while you shop eBay's online app for all of your Black Friday sales and goodies.

Visit for details and sign up for your free spa service today!  Download the eBay app on your smartphone for unbeatable deals AND just between you and me, eBay is making their Black Friday deals available to all who download the app exclusively at 5:23PM EST on Thanksgiving evening.