Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Suburbia Music Festival: Where Dallas Fashion and Festival Style Collided

Suburbia Music Festival took over Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas from May 3 - 4, 2014. Line-ups included my personal friend and local musician, Larry g(EE), all the way to mega artists J. Cole and the awesomely talented David Guetta.  
This was my first festival experience and I must say that I had the time of my life. Suburbia was like the Dallas form of Coachella so everyone came out in floral prints, flower headbands, crop tops and everything to channel their inner boho style.  As for me, I knew it was going to be hot as heck, so instead of going naked, I just threw on some cut-off shorts, a bandeau top and a sheer floral print hi-lo tank for comfort.

When I wasn't sipping on Dos Equis and completely rocking out, I was able to capture some really cool and stylish Dallas folks reppin' their festival chic attire.  Check it out!

Suburbia Music Festival Plano Festival Style Hair
Festival Hair - Amber LaFrance of Culture-Hype PR

Amber LaFrance Suburbia Music Festival Plano Style
High-waisted shorts, crop top and booties...it's a "yes"!

Suburbia Music Festival Plano Fashion Style
For festival-goers Christie and Megan, it was all about crop tops, maxi dresses and prints!

Larry g(EE) Suburbia Music Festival Plano 2014 Fashion Style
Singer Larry g(EE) flanked by festival goers showing their crop tops, high-waisted shorts and let's not forget..fabulous accessories!

Beauty4Ashes Leah Frazier Madison Hunnicutt Dallas fashion bloggers Suburbia Music Festival Style
Tall girls rock! Dallas fashion bloggers Leah Frazier and Madison Hunnicutt

Amber LaFrance Leah Frazier Dallas fashion blogger Suburbia Music Festival 2014 Style
It's all about comfort when it's 90 degrees out and you're standing on your feet all day!

Beauty4Ashes Leah Frazier Amber LaFrance Dallas fashion blogger Suburbia Music Festival 2014 Style
What?  You're not sick of us yet?  Me and my girl Amber posing one last time for ya'll!