Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blogging in Brooklyn: Essence Street Style Party

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Cab view of me crossing over the Manhattan Bridge

While I was in New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to venture to the other side of the Manhattan Bridge and attend the Essence Street Style Party in Brooklyn.  Anytime I think of Brooklyn, I always think of that line from the Sex and the City movie where Miranda was contemplating the move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and says, "New York Magazine says that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan." Then Carrie looks at Miranda with the side eye and remarks, "Whoever wrote that LIVES in Brooklyn!"


Manhattan Bridge
Looking up at the Manhattan Bridge
It's so funny to me.  This is what pops into my head everytime I think of Brooklyn--as if it were not the same or better as Manhattan. As my cab crossed over the Manhattan Bridge and circled into Brooklyn I was curious to see exactly what this quote from the movie meant...and honestly, I would have to agree with Miranda. I thoroughly enjoyed Brooklyn 10 times more than I did being in the city. It was family friendly, I could breathe and my whole aura was more calm. Brooklyn had character. 

The Essence Street Style Party was thrown in conjunction with all of the events being held for Fashion Week. It was underneath the bridge and near Dumbo Park. While there wasn't as many vendors as I was hoping for, it was definitely a break from all of the Lincoln Center Fashion Week madness and a chance for me to relax and connect with Essence readers and down to Earth folks. I put a lot of thought into my outfit and wanted to really showcase what Dallas was all about (just in case I was asked). So I put on this fabulous skirt from Dallas brand Phantasie, paired it with an olive green top, leather-esque belt and peep-toe booties. And let's not forget, my Tom Ford shades to finish the look!

Leah Frazier Dallas Fashion Blogger Brooklyn Essence Street Style Party

Leah Frazier Dallas Fashion Blogger Brooklyn Essence Street Style Party

I felt good and was surprised when I was stopped on the street to take photos...I know for a fact it was my Phantasie skirt that was getting all of the attention. There are drawstrings on the side of the maxi skirt that you pull to create the bubble skirt effect.  If you want a straight maxi skirt then you release the a 2-in-1 skirt!  I loved it and so did the people of Brooklyn!  Anyways, enjoy these photos! It's just another day in the life of the traveling, Dallas fashion writer.

Brooklyn Essence Street Style Party
A view from the block party

Brooklyn Essence Street Style Party
The first lady of NYC speaking at the block party