Saturday, February 14, 2015

Play the Print Game: ShoeDazzle Pops with Bold 2015 Collection

This upcoming spring and summer will be all about prints -- and how well you are able to master mixing and matching them is entirely up to you. If you fare on the side of the conservative, then maybe your shoes will be the only prints donned in your wardrobe. However, if you're like many of the daring and trendy darlings, then not only will your shoes pop with prints, but your accessories and apparel will as well. (Click here to read my article on 2015 spring trends)

For a little "mix me, match me" #inspo, check out the latest in ShoeDazzle's 2015 collection. From reptile prints to splashes of floral to chevron waves, one thing is clear -- everyone's "going to print." Here are some of my favorites that I can't wait to pair:

ShoeDazzle 2015 Collection
Zelda by Scene VIP Price $39.95

ShoeDazzle 2015 Collection
Keely by Madison VIP Price $39.95

ShoeDazzle 2015 Collection
Estelle by Paper Fox VIP Price $49.95

I really suggest checking out Shoedazzle when you can. I've mentioned it to you guys before, but it really is one of my go-to sources for not just shoes that are on trend and of quality, but also available at an affordable price. Headed up by chief stylist and my ultimate style icon Rachel Zoe, "Shoedazzle brings you a personal stylist experience by curating major trends, in shoes and more, and showing you what works for your style..." Check it out today and get a fix for your shoe addiction at

Images provided courtesy of Shoedazzle.