Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dallas Frosty Fashion: Featuring Allison Mitchell, Kissue, & FM Fashion Music

The weather here in Dallas has finally dropped, so I headed out to Addison Circle to take some pics of how I layer, yet stay fashion-forward in the frostier weather. I always tell my personal shopping clients that layering is key for the cooler weather seasons. While it may appear that this concept is simple, it really could be a cinch if done correctly. The art to great layering is still having a consistent, fluid look as each piece is removed off of each other.

FM Fashion Music Freedom Tee

For this look, I took a basic black fashion FREEDOM tee from FM Fashion Music (pictured above) and layered it with a shearling vest from Kissue.  This ensemble by itself is perfect indoors.  As I stepped outside, I completed this already layered look with a leather jacket. I chose one of my shorter leather jackets to let the flaps from my Kissue vests hang out -- creating an assymetrical, yet warm appearance. Add in a great pair of slouch boots and how could I forget -- a fabulous Allison Mitchell foldover clutch for a pop of color and now I'm good to go!

Leah Frazier Dallas Fashion Blogger Addison Circle Winter Fashion
Allison Mitchell Clutch
Allison Mitchell Clutch
Allison Mitchell Clutch
All images from Addison Circle credit: Cameron Pate