Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto Collection for Target: A Printed Paradise

So today marked the long-awaited launch of the Peter Pilotto designer collaboration with Target and I must say that I cleaned up.  I was a little leery of the boldness of the prints and how that would fare with my skin tone but I still woke up super early and arrived at the store 30 minutes before opening to make sure that I got first dibs on the collection.  Upon arrival to the store, I realized that there was noone there but me and my close girlfriend...this was good news, but it also confused me.  Where were the lines?  Where were the enthusiastic fashionistas who hyped up this launch?

Where are the crowds?  It was just me and my close friend...we couldn't have planned it perfectly! (My friend Marquea peering in the windows)
Overall, I was 50/50 impressed with this launch.  While I looked better in some prints than others, the cheapness of around 60% of the items really turned me off.  Yeah, yeah, yeah....what should I expect when most of the items were 100% polyester??? I know...but even still I was a tad bit disappointed.

The red iris floral romper!  Love!  Was so excited that it fit me and my long legs!!!  My favorite from the collection.
I did, however, find some great pieces and my take away from this collection is that the best pieces were definitely the swimwear, the red floral romper, the red floral strapless dress (recommended to go a size higher), the shirt dresses and the long maxi swim cover-up.  I can't wait to wear these pieces.  As of the time that I'm writing this, the online selections are sold out and the stores are scarce.  So glad I scooped up what I could at 8AM this morning!!!!

Love this corset swimsuit top!!!

The shirt this...can pair with boots, open toed heels, leggings, belt or no belt.

The maxi swim hi-lo cover-up! Pair with a swimsuit or make it casually appropriate by pairing with a bandeau top, leather jacket and booties...can't wait!

Grrrrr.....couldn't get this pic to rotate...but love my swim corset top with the matching shades!