Friday, February 28, 2014

Breaking the Guinness World Record with TangoTab Terrell Owens and Mike Modano

I must admit that I had an ulterior motive in going to this event being hosted by TangoTab. Although I have an extremely charitable heart, I was really pulled into this event to see if Dallas could break the Guinness World Record for the most number of people making sandwiches at one time.

Yeah, that pile of bread over there...only the tip of the iceberg my friends.  Over 1,300 Dallas volunteers showed up for this imagine how much bread, bologna and cheese was actually piled up!

However, after piling into the Hilton Anatole and really getting into the spirit of the event, I'm so glad that I went.  I really enjoyed slapping some bologna and cheese between two pieces of bread and meeting other Dallas volunteers.  My sister and I made 80 sandwiches to be delivered to the North Texas Food Bank, Soup Mobile and Metro Relief.

Me and my beautiful sister, Meagan...ready to break the world record and make these sandwiches...fashionably of course!

Oh yeah, and we got to see Terrell Owens who I so desperately wanted to get the scoop on his two-week marriage and now divorce to a "random" unknown gal and then there was Mike Modano who looked ever so hot in his casual get-up.

Hey T.O.!  Hey Mike (on the far left)! I must admit...I'm liking the style that T.O. is sporting...very handsome!
Overall, over 136,000 local citizens were fed because of this event and in the end WE BROKE THE WORLD RECORD! My wheels are definitely turning on how I can add this to my seriously.

Volunteers making sandwiches.  However, I was completely baffled as to why people would not make sandwiches in an "assembly line" process rather than one by one.  Like, "le duh!"

Me and my sis made 80 sandwiches using the assembly line method..this is a box of 40.

Me and the current reigning Mrs. Dallas doing it BIG for charity!