Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hermes Birkin Look-a-like: The Freedom of Animals Veronika Tote

The Hermes Birkin handbag is one of the top coveted handbags for women. It's a handbag that all of the Hollywood celebs carry but of course, one that the layman could only dream of affording. Birkin bags can be in the upwards of $25,000 to $30,000 depending on the materials, size and construction of the bag. You also have to be on a "list" to get the can't just walk into the store and order one.

(Kim K and Eva Longoria with their Birkin bags)

So now, let's just keep it real. If any one of us spent $30,000 on a handbag we would (1) have buyer's remorse and (2) would probably have to take out a second mortgage on our home. Just sayin.... So if you've been reading my blog posts long enough, you know that I stay on the hunt for the best look-a-like luxury designer bags at the layman's affordable price.

Welp, I found my "Poor Man's Birkin."  I walked into local boutique, Piermarini, about a month ago for something totally unrelated than finding a handbag...but when I saw the Freedom of Animals "Veronika" tote, I immediately fell in love.  It looked like a Birkin, had the class of a Birkin and just exuded everything indicative of luxury and class. Best was approximately $480 and not $30,000.  I would say that that is quite the steal!

Freedom of Animals Veronika Tote Piermarini Boutique
The Veronika Tote by Freedom of Animals
After I got over my infatuation with this handbag, I dug a little deeper into this new-found luxury brand. The label is completely eco-friendly, and all about constructing cruelty-free products.  So while my handbag looks like leather, it is vegan leather but totally created for sustainability.There were only 2 of these available at Piermarini and I bought one, so you better get down there today if you're in Dallas as this bag won't be there for long. If you're not in Dallas, take a look at the collection here and order online today!  I receive a ton of looks and compliments when I'm carrying this bag.  Pair them with some fabulous shades and you will be envied by most.

Again, I've done all of the work for you finding the most affordable look-a-like..its up to you to purchase. You can thank me later!

Leah Frazier Dallas Fashion Blogger Freedom of Animals Veronika Tote Piermarini Boutique
I'm in love with this bag!!!!