Friday, June 7, 2013

Revlon Change Agents - Say It

I was so excited when Vogue sent me Revlon's Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in the color "Socialite."  The mission was to encapsulate how beauty inspires strength.  Revlon wanted me to apply the lipstick and use my lips to make my voice heard.  As a part of Revlon's Change Agents campaign, I was instructed to take a photo that could go with how I wanted to give back to my community by showing a photo that went with the phrase "Say It."  Revlon's Change Agents campaign has four parts in order to facilitate change in the community.  If we "say it"....that thing that we want to change, in the end we will take the steps necessary to bring it to fruition.

Photo Credit: Amber LaFrance
So when I thought about the concept of what Revlon was wanting us bloggers to do...I thought of the picture above.  I purposely chose people of two different races in order to encourage unity.

So in line with the campaign, I would like to continue on my quest to know more about the Muslim community in encourage unity, to inspire and to create one whole thriving community of diverse individuals.  This starts with one person, one voice....and from person to person a transformation in our community will transpire.

My next challenge from Revlon will be "See It."  I'm assuming I'll have to take a photo showcasing a Revlon eyeshadow but I want you guys to be thinking of a photo concept that will go with the theme...I'm supposed to be capturing an experience that I witnessed that has inspired me.  (Hint: read my Fashion for Compassion blog entry as this is what has inspired me for this campaign).

When it's time for me to submit my next photo, if you guys give me the photo concept that I actually use, I'll do an amazing giveaway!!!