Saturday, March 23, 2013

Testosterone Overload: Maroon 5, Adam Levine and "that guy" Tyler from Neon Trees

Dallas welcomed Owl City, Neon Trees and Maroon 5 to the American Airlines Center on March 21, 2013.  I'll be honest, when the announcement came out for this concert, I wasn't too thrilled about the line-up leading up to Maroon 5.  I only knew about that annoying "Fireflies" song by Owl City and the few songs of Neon Trees that I had heard on the radio.  I just knew for a fact that I was going to die of boredom waiting on Maroon 5 to take the stage.

(Photo Credit: Leah Frazier)

I was beyond impressed by Owl City and after a couple of Texas brand jumbo beers (Ziegenbock to be exact), I was completely obsessed with Neon Trees and the lead singer Tyler.  Being an 80's baby myself, I was taken over by Tyler's glittery jacket and pants and his attempt to perfect his awkward Michael Jackson-esque dance moves.  But you know what?  I totally dug it.  It fit his personality and his fan base.  I can't say that I will go so far as buy the CD, but they are definitely a must-see for a live performance.  Throw in a cover of Human League's "Don't You Want Me"....and I'm all in, dancing and waving my arms like a maniac!

(Photo Credit: Leah Frazier / Any reproduction or use of this photo must be obtained by authorization of the photographer.)
And then my boo, Adam Levine, and the rest of Maroon 5 took the stage and did their standard mix of songs from previous albums.  No disrespect to my boo or his band, but I think that all of Dallas was happy that they kept performances from the new album, "OverExposed", to a minimum.  This album was definitely not one of the better Maroon 5 albums and I'm sure they recognized thank you for mixing in the few radio hits from "OverExposed" with previous chart-topping hits for another unforgettable Maroon 5 concert experience.  Overall, Maroon 5 rocked the house, introduced a new artist (can't remember her name) and featured one bad (bad in a good way) guitarist.  Maroon 5.....Dallas loves you!

And Maroon 5 wrap-up would be complete without a drool-fest over Adam Levine.  I think Sweet Brown (above) said it perfectly.  "Every one has time for that!"