Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time is of the essence, Seize the day

Proverbs 1:24 ~I called you so often but you wouldn't come. I reached out to you but you paid no attention.~

Today it was revealed to me how precious that thing called "the window of opportunity" is. Often times, we take it for granted. I recently participated in a mentoring program to help law students network with professionals and to possibly put them in contact with professionals who could offer valuable and possible job opportunities that could enhance their career. As a past judicial extern, I recognized the value of working closely with a Judge and offered a student the opportunity to use the relationship that I built with a local judge in order to gain a possible internship. At the time, I advised the student to start preparing her interview materials ( resume, writing sample, etc.). A week after I met the student, I reached out to one of my favorite Judges who immediately requested the information from the law student to which I relayed the information to her. The reply back from the student was rather daunting as she told me that she was busy and would get me her information "in a week or so."

I immediately became furious. There are a million law students scraping for the opportunity to get what she was given so freely yet she did not seize the moment; it was not prioritized, it was not important. By one simple act, she missed her window of opportunity and the door was closed just as quickly as it was opened. Truly my heart ached for her knowing of what a great blessing she missed out on because she was simply unprepared and not ready.

I then let my mind wander to how many times God has opened windows of opportunities for me yet I was unprepared or fearful or prioritizing the wrong things in my life. How much longer did I have to wait to regain that opportunity had I have just been prepared that first time? Time is of the essence when God chooses to bestow a blessing or opportunity on your life. Seize it without fear and without hesitation! Carpe Diem!

Just as my heart ached to know that the student made an ill choice in not taking advantage of her opportunity....so is the same with God. He wants us to be favored, he wants us to receive blessings. So going forward, I will prepare and be prepared when that window raises open once more....I can only pray for the same with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.